Social Media in the Classroom

by geekygirl on October 25, 2017

Social media has changed the way people communicate and share information in their personal and professional lives.  Today, students are using social media more and more from Snapchat to Facebook to Instagram to Twitter. Many teachers, however, do not recognize how big of an impact it plays on their developing minds.

Most schools do not allow students to use their cellphones during school hours let alone during class time. When students come home from a long day of learning they just want to relax and go on their accounts liking and tweeting away and not doing homework. However, this use of social media outside the classroom can lead to harmful things which can affect the student’s learning environment both at home and at school with issues like cyberbullying.  While a recent poll showed 9 out of 10 teachers do not use social media in the classroom, there are teachers who are. Social doesn’t have to be a distraction and kids can be safe.

Going through high school, I was not allowed on my phone at all during school hours. If we got caught being on it or even having it out it would be taken away until the end of the next school day. This made me want to be on my phone even more and break the school rules. It makes me wonder though what happens if something happens to a family member and my parents cannot get in contact with me because I am not allowed on my phone. Teachers need to learn how to incorporate social media into the classrooms such as using classroom hashtags or even having a class account on social media or using it for review.

Here are some links to get more information on why having social media in the classroom can be beneficial and why it has some downfalls as well.

Social Media and Reshaping the Classroom  This article is discussing how technology is already shaping the classroom in different parts of America. It provides examples of how social media can be used in the classroom in a good and productive way since many children are already on social media.

How Cyberbullying affects the classroom Even though having social media in the classroom is a good thing, there are a few downfalls to social media and one of them is cyberbullying. Teachers should be teaching students about cyberbullying and how in some states, like Pennsylvania, it is a punishable offense. The article provides an insight into some cyberbullying information and statistics and how it can be aware of in the classroom.

10 Ways Social Media Effects the Classroom This article shows the pros and cons of social media.The pros outweigh the cons as to why social media should be used in the classroom. This also shows the idea of how social media if taught properly can benefit a students future especially when they are applying for jobs later in life.

How it can lead to a lower GPA  I know for a fact when I was constantly on social media my junior year of high school my grades suffered. When my parents took away my phone, my grades improved dramatically. This article shows how social media can take away time from studying and doing school work. Students, in this case, should be taught how to manage their time between social media and doing their homework.

Social Media can affect a students future This article provides suggestions to parents that they can take to teachers or even for teachers themselves. From building a strong Personal Learning Network to teaching students to Google themselves every once and a while, these tips should be taught to students from the moment they create accounts online. What comes up in a google search of their name can affect the rest of their lives.

Suggestions to make social media a learning tool for students. This article gives tips that teachers can use to integrate the popular social media into their classrooms. While some districts may have limits on what teachers and students can and cannot access, it does not mean that the students cannot access the information from home. Many institutions are moving from paper and pencil to online sites such as Canvas and Moodle. These tips are a great way to keep the students engaged while being on social media and enjoying their “relaxing” time.


***I would also like to note that this post was written in conjunction with my educational psychology class I am taking here at Holy Family and it is supposed to be directed at parents.***


Adults Who Cyberbully

by BeeghleyTech on September 25, 2017

As a future educator, I am saddened to see so many of educator and other adult friends being cyberbullies on Facebook and other social media sites.  Call it what it is. We need to be setting the example for our students.  Like him or not President Trump was elected.  By constantly berating him, his wife and his 10-year-old son, you are nothing more than a cyberbully.

As educators, we should be setting an example for our students.  Students must face consequences for when they bully or cyberbully a fellow student.  Why is it ok for an adult to cyberbully another adult or a child?  How would you feel if people bullied you?  For example, what if a parent were to cyberbully the child of their kid’s teacher just because they do not like something about that teacher?  What if a coach did not like the parent and bullied the kid?  There is no difference just because he is the President.  Individuals should be able to post about an issue online but not be subjected to a barrage of insults and harassments from others about that opinion. This is cyberbullying, plain and simple and I have seen it all too often lately and it is getting out of hand.

It seems like people are using every “hot topic” as an excuse to attack others online.  From the President to Civil War monuments, you can’t go online without someone being harrassed by someone else about their opinion.  We, as educators, need to demonstrate that we can have honest discussions about a topic online regardless of our views.  If we fall to the level of name calling and attacking online, then we too are nothing more than schoolyard bullies.  So, please think before you post.

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The Cyberbullying of Barron Trump

January 22, 2017

I know most people today do not like the fact that Donald Trump was elected as 45th President of the United States. However, his 10-year-old son is being cyberbullied is unacceptable. A Saturday Night Live writer called him some nasty words on Twitter which I am not going to repeat out of respect for Barron. […]

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October 30, 2016

Hello! So I have not written a post in over a year but I promise that will change. I graduated from high school last year! Made it through all 4 years of high school with little drama and a good friend group. I am currently at Holy Family University in Philadelphia. It is a small […]

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Anti-Hazing Bill

October 13, 2015

So today, October 13, I was asked along with my friend, Alex, by our principal to represent McDevitt and attend a press conference for Representative Marsico. The press conference was about him introducing a new bill about extending the punishment for the current anti-hazing law to sports teams and high schools. He had others speak […]

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Steubenville NYC

August 22, 2015

So about 2 weeks ago, I came home from the best weekend of the summer, Steubenville NYC. This conference was held at St. John’s University in Queens and was hosted by Franciscan University and LifeTeen International. I knew this weekend was going to be very long considering I had to be up at 5:15 Friday […]

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LGBT Anti-Bullying Law denied

July 17, 2015

After reading this post, I have to say I am disgusted by Representative Toomey for voting against a LGBT amendment under the No Child Left Behind Act that stops them from getting bullied. All other kids have some sort of legal protection and yet these kids do not have any protection from the bullies. Senator Al […]

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Speaking at ISTE

June 27, 2015

I am really excited for ISTE 2015. I can’t wait to see and meet people there. I am presenting on teaching Virtual Integrity in room 120B on Wednesday from 8:30 to 9:00.

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September 28, 2014

I am finally 17 years old! My parents gave me the best surprise on my birthday. They had meeting until about 4:20ish and then they dropped me off at Church while they went to go run an “errand”. They made it back in time for church. After Church, my LifeTeen friends and I got ready […]

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Steubenville 2014

August 22, 2014

I attended the Steubenville Conference which was held at the Franciscan University campus. It was three days full of adoration, sessions, free time, bonding with other teens, Mass, worship music, and confession.  We were the last group to attend the main campus event. Bob Rice, the host for our weekend, asked us to tweet who […]

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